2018 Election Endorsements Coming Soon

The Humane Voters of Washington is a political action committee dedicated to evaluating and backing candidates who support the humane treatment of all animals. To that end, we offer our endorsements for races in Washington State elections.  These endorsements are based in part on candidate surveys which address the candidates’ positions on a range of issues from companion animal protection to captive wildlife treatment.

2018 endorsements will be posted soon. Stay tuned. 



  1. Why so few? This is embarrassing. Not one person from my district either. How can you not add that to an endorsement when up for election or running for office. Anyone who is an animal lover has to be a decent and caring person and says alot about a person. Very sad that this is all who chose to take the time to submitt the survey.

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    • The others probably take money from animal ag and will lose that funding by saying anything that will remotely endanger that source. People constantly talk about the power of oil companies, but the meat and dairy industry have as much if not more power over government. I recommend reading the books “MEATONOMIC$” by David Robinson Simon and “Green is the New Red” by Will Potter. Amazing work that explains who has been pulling the strings.


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