General Election Endorsements for Humane Candidates: Get ready to vote!


It’s time to vote!  Washington ballots are headed your way, so it’s time for general election endorsements!  The Humane Voters of Washington lists endorsements for the both state and federal races here. Endorsements are for November 2018 Washington State general election.  Vote as soon as you can and make sure you return your mail-in ballot no later than 8 PM on November 6th, 2018

You can still register to vote in-person in Washington State till Oct. 29th!  Find out how here!

Federal 2018 Endorsements

U.S. Senate:
Maria Cantwell

U.S. House:
1st Congressional District: Suzan DelBene
2nd Congressional District: Rick Larsen
3rd Congressional District: Carolyn Long
5th Congressional District: Lisa Brown
(see more on Humane Voter’s endorsement of Lisa Brown here)
6th Congressional District: Derek Kilmer
7th Congressional District: Pramila Jayapal
8th Congressional District: Dr. Kim Schrier
(see more on Humane Voter’s endorsement of Kim Schrier here)
9th Congressional District: Adam Smith
10th Congressional District: Denny Heck\

Washington State 2018 Endorsements

District 1:

Derek Stanford (House)
Shelley Kloba (House)

District 3:

Timm Ormsby (House) Campaign email:
Marcus Riccelli (House)

District 5:

Bill Ramos (House)
Paul Graves (House)

District 10:

Scott McMullen (House)
Dave Paul (House)

District 11:

Zack Hudgins (House)
Steve Bergquist (House)

District 21:

Marko Liias (Senate)
Strom Peterson (House)
Lillian Ortiz-Self (House)

District 22:

Laurie Dolan (House)
Beth Doglio (House)

District 23:

Sherry Appleton (House)
Drew Hansen (House)

District 24:

Mike Chapman (House)
Steve Tharinger (House) Campaign email:

District 27:

Laurie Jinkins (House)
Jake Fey (House)

District 28:

Christine Kilduff (House)

District 29:

Steve Conway (Senate)
Steve Kirby (House)

District 30:

Claire Wilson (Senate)
Mike Pellicciotti (House)
Kristine Reeves (House)

District 32:

Cindy Ryu (House)
Lauren Davis (House)

District 33:

Karen Keiser (Senate)
Tina Orwall (House)
Mia Gregerson (House)

District 34:

Eileen Cody (House) Campaign email:
Joe Fitzgibbon (House)

District 36:

Reuven Carlyle (Senate)
Noel Frame (House)
Gael Tarleton (House)

District 37:

Rebecca Saldana (Senate)
Sharon Tomiko-Santos (House) Campaign email:
Eric Pettigrew (House)

District 38:

John McCoy (Senate)
June Robinson (House)
Mike Sells (House)

District 40:

Debra Lekanoff (House)
Jeff Morris (House)

District 41:

Tana Senn (House)

District 42:

Pinky Vargas (Senate)
Justin Boneau (House)
Sharon Shewmake (House)

District 43:

Jamie Pedersen (Senate)
Nicole Macri (House)
Frank Chopp (House)

District 44:

Steve Hobbs (Senate)
John Lovick (House)

District 45:

Manka Dhingra (Senate)
Roger Goodman (House)
Larry Springer (House)

District 46:

David Frockt (Senate)
Gerry Pollett (House)
Javier Valdez (House)

District 47:

Debra Entenman (House)
Pat Sullivan (House)

District 49:

Sharon Wylie (House)
Monica Stonier (House)

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