The Humane Voters of Washington is a political action committee dedicated to evaluating and backing candidates who support the humane treatment of all animals. To that end, we offer our endorsements.  These endorsements are based on the candidates’ positions on a range of issues from companion animal protection to protecting wild animals.

Endorsements for are the August 2018 Washington State primary.  Vote as soon as you can and make sure you return your mail-in ballot no later then August 7, 2018! 

Kim Schrier and Cookie images switchedDr. Kim Schrier, Candidate for the WA 8th District, US House of Representatives 

The Humane Voters of Washington is proud to endorse Dr. Kim Schrier, pediatrician and candidate for the Washington 8th District congressional seat in the U.S. House of Representatives.  Kim is fighting for progressive values and fair treatment for all members of our community, including the humane treatment of animals.

Get involved today with Kim’s campaign by visiting www.drkimschrier.com. 

Lisa Brown Headshot for voters guideHVW Endorses Lisa Brown for Congress, WA 5th District

The Humane Voters of Washington proudly endorses Lisa Brown in Washington’s 5th congressional district race.  Brown showed consistent leadership while she was in the Washington State Legislature to protect and conserve our wildlife, supported common sense regulation in our agriculture industry and supported legislation to benefit companion animals. Brown voted to make animal fighting a crime, to ban exotic pets, and to regulate puppy-mills. We know she will show the same leadership at the federal level, and we fully support Brown in her race for Congress.

Learn more about Lisa Brown at her campaign website.

State Races:

District 1
Rep. Derek Stanford (D)

District 5
Rep. Paul Graves (R)

District 11
Rep. Zack Hudgins (D)

District 23
Rep. Sherry Appleton (D)

District 24
Rep. Mike Chapman (D)

District 34
Rep. Joe Fitzgibbon (D)

District 37
Rep. Eric Pettigrew (D)

District 36
Rep. Gael Tarleton (D)

District 38
Sen. John McCoy (D)

District 45
Rep. Roger Goodman (D)

District 47
Sen. Joe Fain (R)